You can look back on some memories,
with a smile upon your heart,
some that came out perfect,
some magic, from the start.

Just don’t look back,
to find the Love,
you thought you had before,
memories are not for that,
they are for you, for joy.

Move on from things that hurt you,
or scarred you, gave you fright,
instead keep your eyes forward, looking up,
you’ll see the light.

The present isn’t always filled,
with peace and harmony,
but if you sit with patience,
you’ll forget your misery.

In silence you can hear that voice,
the one that’s always right,
it rises up within you,
and keeps your life alight.

Brighter days,
are on their way,
don’t succumb to dim,
know that God has got your back,
and Love shall Always Win.