Lies spewing from your mouth as the corners of your lips curl up into a grinThe corners of your eyes... Read More
At first when I gaze up at the trees,It looks like tropical birds on the breeze.But the gold, and the... Read More
If I could take it all backI’d move the hands of time.If I could change the things I’ve done,maybe none... Read More
Today, New Year’s Eve, forty-nine years agoInside, couple said their vows; outside, sleet and snow.Forbade union of young love, caused... Read More
I’ve never seen a Fall like this,Somber browns, no colored bliss.Then late and overnight it came,Bursting with red, gold and... Read More
Pandemic remained and slowly wentHomebound workforce got check from governmentEssential workers returned to findLong hours, low pay, short breaks—same ole... Read More
I want to have the beauty,the dichotomy, of being man.I want to beA Spartan charged with austerity,a Menelaus, warring for... Read More
Obsessive behaviorfundamentally focusedon surging towardthe electric core A primal pointabsent pressurewhere levitation swirlsas glands ignite The shift is feltwhen consciousness... Read More