I’ve never seen a Fall like this,
Somber browns, no colored bliss.
Then late and overnight it came,
Bursting with red, gold and yellow flame.

Is the beauty more intense this time,
Or because we waited, giving up the sublime?
We have such little faith in glory
We assume we’d been denied Autumn’s story.

Oh ye of little faith, my dear ones,
We thought that Autumn was dead and done.
I, too, was sure all was lost;
Fall would not come forth at any cost.

And now! It’s snowing reds, yellows, pinks and gold,
A sight that’s almost too beautiful to behold.
The slant of late afternoon sun’s haze
Sets the leaves afire, a colorful blaze!

Soon the bare limbs will stand against the sky.
And to colorful beauty we say good-bye.
But winter has a beauty too,
And nature rests to bring spring anew.