Pandemic remained and slowly went
Homebound workforce got check from government
Essential workers returned to find
Long hours, low pay, short breaks—same ole grind

Rest sheltered in place, wore masks, washed hands
Listened on I-pod to Hip-Hop bands
Wary to work they began to go
Cyber savvy stayed home to earn dough

Hoop-holders wised up: gave “the help” meager raise
Impact on income wasn’t felt, did not phase
Inflation commenced, cost of living shot up
Pain at pump, sky-high food, greed erupts

“Leaders” blamed other side for money trouble
Point bony finger at economic bubble
November 8, pollsters got even with world
Voted conscience; Leaders scratch head at bizarre whirl

Promised “back to normal,” better life for me
But will fresh new hell take stage in 23?
Happy to sing “Auld Lang Syne”—another year gone
Best thing about 22 was time marched on.