I’m sorry I’m not worth a call just because you miss my voice.I would call you to say the same... Read More
As I shook hands with demons of the nightI filled my lungs with breath and began my final flightI called... Read More
The fog has rolled in covering all with its quiet blanket and I breathe in the calm silently Sitting here... Read More
And here I am,and you are there,but together,we are everywhere. I see no boundaries,I feel no divisions,I live from a... Read More
“I don’t love you anymore,”I said, as I looked into her eyes,and saw her mind shocked painspring forth with choking... Read More
At first when I gaze up at the trees,It looks like tropical birds on the breeze.But the gold, and the... Read More
You’re like the Asian beetleinvading my home, taking up residencein the sunniest places. You’re like the Asian beetlepretending to be... Read More
Be mindful of the words you think,and also what you say,the things we sometimes focus on,can lead the soul astray.... Read More