Thomas Fountain ready to perform


Thomas Fountain recently returned to his hometown stage at Rocco’s Pub with a complete sell-out weeks before the show. Everyone has missed live music including fans, venues and musicians. The energy in the place was contagious.

Thomas always knows how to bring a crowd alive. The band members were engaging with the crowd and vibing with each other as if they had never left the stage.

I love how music always seems to change the energy of a place and set the mood. Thomas had been touring all over before COVID and I am sure he will be back on the road again soon but his hometown loves him and shows that when he comes back to town to play.

What did you do during the last year or so with the shutdown?

Tried to stay positive, write songs, and think of creative ways I could still reach my fans without shows. Also, I cooked a lot, haha.

Tell me about your new album and the songs released on it.

The album is a better representation of myself as a writer and artist. It has six songs on it, four of which I wrote or co-wrote. I feel like there’s a good mixture of tunes on there.

What’s your favorite song on the new album and why?

My favorite song on the album is “Window Pane.” It really shows my take on words as a writer. Those type songs really dive into creativeness. I had a big hand in producing it as well.

Tell me what you have coming up this year that you are looking forward to.

Honestly, I’m just looking forward to getting back out and seeing fans enjoying my music again.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

It’s very broad but in country music I’d have to say Merle Haggard and Alan Jackson.

What ways and places can we find your music?

I have my own website – I’m on all social platforms, and my music can be streamed or downloaded everywhere.

Is there a place you have not performed that you would like to?

Red Rocks

What do you see in the distant future for your music, like where would you like to end up in five years?

Really I just want to keep progressing and get to a point where I’m touring consistently.

What is your favorite song you have recorded to date and why?

Probably “Window Pane,” the last song to release off the current EP.

What is your overall favorite song by another singer?

Oh that’s tough. No way I could answer that one. For a musician, I feel like we are always listening to different songs and styles and picking up on certain things. Something we may want to incorporate somehow.

If you could change three things today in any area of life what would you choose?

The way social media impacts people in a negative light. I wish people could gauge music more in depth. I also wish people could just turn away from the news, both parties.

What are the top songs on your playlist right now?

I don’t really have playlists of my own honestly. I have certain moods I’ll get in and search for that artist or band.

Tell me about your hobbies outside of music.

I am avid outdoorsman. It’s how I grew up and incorporating what I’ve learned in the outdoors with my music has help advance my career.

Who are the members of your band?

Currently on drums is Leroy Wilson, bass is Miles Landrum, pedal steel guitar is Corey Chapman, and lead guitar is Charlie Gilbert.

Do you ever miss teaching?

I do miss coaching from time to time. That’s a competitive drive I don’t think I can ever shut off.

What would you like new musicians coming out to know that maybe you wish you had known when you were just starting out?

Learn all you can. Trust your craft and work on it daily. Stay true to yourself and the artist you are.

If you could have a songwriting session with anyone alive or dead who would you choose and why?

Probably Merle Haggard and Dean Dillon.

Do you have a favorite place or ritual you prefer when you are writing?

I have to have silence. I usually put my phone on silent and sit in total silence. My songs are usually written in my living room.

What if anything did you learn or take from the shutdown over the last year?

Life is fragile and what you love most can be taken away in an instant. I mean I always knew that, but I never thought me playing music would/could be taken away like that. We just never really know.

I hope you all enjoyed catching up with my follow-up interview with Thomas Fountain. He has come a long way in his music and life since the first interview I did with him, but his talent only grows stronger. One thing I love most about Thomas is that he does stay true to himself and his roots. He is caring and appreciative of his fans, most especially the young ones. It is rare these days to find that, but with Thomas Fountain it shines in both his everyday life and his music. Live music is back so get out there and buy your tickets and enjoy the shows!