Life in 3 words


2022, Christmas candy’s gone
Frost reflects and sums up life: It goes on.

Finite world: at-odds values compete for rights
Guns, gods, private freedoms, spawn different fights
Merged diversity and democracy: clash plights
It goes on

What’s mine is mine; what’s yours is negotiable
Egos float high, each on separate bubble
Titanic captains set stage for trouble
It goes on

Sickness and strife—Buddha warns, “Life is Pain”
Knee jerk hate, Abel slain by brother Cain
“Give peace a chance,” thumbs down less taken lane
It goes on

Commander in Chief rallies troops—lifts hopes.
Says “COVID’s conquered, pandemic’s on ropes.”
“What? So what? Now what?” demand xenophobes.
It goes on

Fix to wild-west milieu: Golden Rule
Feel their pain, try tolerance; keep your cool
On life’s march, the trek will be less cruel … As
It goes on.

The Poetry Company