There once was a time

There once was a time when things were not quite the same
When people would put a mister or misses in front of your name
If you wanted to speak to someone but you didn’t have a phone
You would sit and write them a letter and send it from your home
To your special someone whom you thought no one else was above
A simple letter to some it might be but to them a letter of love
Wishing them a wonderful day after telling a little about yours
Maybe how you sang their favorite song while doing all your chores
It didn’t have to be anything in particular you were just letting them know
That of them you constantly thought as through your day you’d go
Maybe something happened and you wish they were there to see
Whatever it was that you saw whether sad or even funny
A letter expressing your opinions on something of which you discussed before
Like what color would look best with the new furniture or the front door
Seems as though the way things now days are people think technology is better
But there’s just something about receiving and reading a true love letter
Maybe your loved one would like it if you took the time to write
Just a simple little note that you miss them when they’re not home for a night
Whether in the good times when you’re happy or bad times dealing with strife
A simple thank you to them for simply being a part of your life
Maybe I’m ol fashioned but I believe there aren’t many things better
Than getting the mail and finding to you is a handwritten heartfelt love letter