An interview with Angie Shea Waters


Author/poet Angie Shea (Waters) is like a phoenix rising from the ashes in this writer’s opinion. Through all the things life can throw at us humans, she has not only managed to survive but to thrive in such a beautiful and graceful manner.

From the ashes she rose and brought forth a shining light that she shares with us all through her poetry.
It is a trust testament to her spirit that she so boldly and humbly shares with us when she puts her pen to paper. I am a fan as you can see.

I am honored to tell you all more about her so that you can come to see the talent and wonderful soul that I have had the pleasure of knowing for some time now.

What does being creative mean to you?

For me personally, creativity is a positive outlet for emotions and issues. It is a means of expressing painful or difficult themes through a format that can often transform them into something inspirational and/or aesthetically pleasing. Poetry and art are both very important to me creatively.

Do you remember the first piece you wrote?

I wrote and illustrated a small chapter book in second grade about a princess and a dragon. It won awards, and I was hooked on both words and art.

Do you remember when you realized that creating and writing was a need for you?

I think after the chapter book contest I became very aware of the therapeutic power of writing things down and artistically representing things I could not speak of. In my teens, this awareness was paramount to my being drawn to both outlets. However, my environment was not one where I could practice either. This endeared both to me even more later in life.

What kind of creative routines or rituals do you have?

I have been an avid reader since I can remember. Journaling is also an important part of my life. I always have paper and pen with me as poetry/inspiration strikes without warning.

If you could do a reading anywhere then where would it be?

Honestly, I am an introvert and fairly shy. Doing a reading is something I definitely wish to accomplish as pushing comfort zones is something I put a lot of hard work into. Being an advocate against domestic violence and abuse as well as for chronic illness support, any event in support of those would be an honor.

What is your favorite creation of yours?

So far, my first poetry book and the cover I created for it are closest to my heart.

Who is your biggest writer inspiration?

Classical poetry has always been my biggest inspiration, Keats, Browning, Longfellow, Neruda, etc. Sylvia Plath had a distinct impact on me. The Brontë sisters and Jane Austen had that in my early college years. More contemporary writers such as Anne Rice, Ayn Rand, Elizabeth Gilbert and Jeanette Walls have been important to my self-education. Fellow southern poets like Alfa and Ashley Jane are friends, favorites and inspiration. There are really too many to name.

Where can we find your book?

With These Wings is available on Amazon and wherever you can order books.

What do you see in the future for yourself?
In the future, I will be writing more poetry, and a novel. My plans are to continue doing book cover art for other authors as well as pursuing art exhibition/sales. I currently run an Etsy shop where my art and book can be found.

Do you have another job?

I am disabled due to lupus for about seven years now. After almost losing my life for the third time, it was a necessary choice but also a beginning. I had been an engineering drafter for more than 20 years. My love of psychology led me to a bachelor’s and a master’s degree while working and raising my two sons. However, life had other plans, and my current direction has become a blessing.

What is something you would like to pursue but haven’t?

Travel. I would love to visit the homes of some of the classic writers I love as well as famous art museums.

What are three things (not people) that you cannot live without?

Nature. Books. My dogs.

What hobbies do you have outside of writing?

I love the outdoors. Art festivals, museums, plays, operas and anything to do with live music keep me inspired.

My dogs are my biggest hobby.

Are you a music lover and what are the top songs on your playlist right now?

I am all over the place musically. My eclectic taste ranges from Chicago to Chopin, Def Leppard to George Strait, 80’s ballads, Live, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Andrew Lloyd Webber, etc. Night Traveler out of Austin, Texas is a current favorite.

Is there anything you would like for us to know more about you that we haven’t covered?

I am a woman in mid-life just trying to make the most of the rest of my life by following the dreams I should have before.

What advice would you give to beginning writers?

Just do it for yourself and see where it goes. You never know the positive impact on others’ lives or your own.

What book are you reading now?

I am usually juggling a couple of books at once. Currently focused on Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, A Thousand Mornings by Mary Oliver, and The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman.
Name one entity that has encouraged and supported you outside of family and friends.
The public library has always been a haven. Local art houses supporting, displaying and encouraging artists as well. Used bookstores are amazing!

What is it that you want people to know about your book?

This book is about the struggle to keep my head above water throughout my life. Wings and flight are my metaphors for surviving. I believe it resonates with many who have broken away from abusive families, survived trauma, illness, divorce or hardship on any level.

What have you learned from writing your book?

I have learned that there is no shame in the trials of life and that sharing can help and inspire others. Healing is an ongoing undertaking, and the artistic process is a big part of that for me. I feel blessed to have finally put my words out there and to have been a positive force in my own way. I am also grateful for the beautiful souls it has brought into my life along the way.

On one hand I hate to say I told you so but on another after you have read this you will see why my opening statements were so passionate about this author. To know her is to love her. The honesty and open heartedness of her words flow onto a page and leap into your heart.
If you would like to purchase her book of poetry, With These Wings can be found on Amazon and all other book sites and stores as well as at her Etsy store which provides signed copies at
So, head on over and check it out. When your book arrives, pour your favorite beverage, curl up and soak in the words on each page.