You can only bend so far…


You can only bend so far before you finally break.
Being pushed closer to the edge til no more can you take.
You give your all and do your best but still come up short.
Then you’re left with so many things to go through and sort.
What did I do to cause this? Was it something I said?
How did something so alive turn into something that’s dead?
You may not ever know that someone’s so depressed.
Outwardly they seem so fine yet inside they are stressed.
You try to offer up different things for them to do.
Most every time the same answer is given of no thank you.
As painful as it can be to see a loved one so sad.
To not be able to stop their pain can often make you mad.
You just want to hold them and show them that you care.
Trying not to shed a tear as they just sit with a blank stare.
Knowing that special feeling that you see deep in their heart
Is what keeps you going on.The reason that made you start.
Wanting to be someone they know in whom they can trust.
Watching them push you further away with a little thrust.
Holding their hand and looking them dead in their eye.
Last words you say are I love you as you begin to cry.
You slowly let go,pull the door to,and start to walk away.
Take a breath as you sit in your car in their dark driveway.
Could it be the last time you will ever see their face?
Truly you hope not for no one will ever take their place.