I love visiting Blairsville, such a quaint and historic town brimming with folklore, history and of course festivals!
It still features the familiar town square with the beautiful old courthouse in the center with the bell tower that chimes every hour.

On July 30-31, they held another festival downtown lined with dozens of local crafters selling their very unique wares and arts and crafts.

Fortunately, we chose Sunday to attend, and the weather was drier though still overcast but much better since it wasn’t so hot and muggy.

I have only been at the town square a couple times prior for different festivals and at first visit assumed the beautiful building in the center of town was a church until I found out it was actually the old original courthouse. It had stood there for more than a century and was steeped in rich memories and history of the past.

The building since has been turned into a sort of museum preserving the beautiful architecture both inside and out.

Fortunately for us it was opened by the Historical Society on the day of the festival to give the crowds an opportunity to learn more about Blairsville’s rich history. Normally it is open six days a week, Monday through Saturdays, for locals and tourists to visit and learn about the history of the building as well as the town itself.

The Historical Society’s curators who were there were very helpful about answering any questions that we had. Each room was an educational experience to see the actual authentic pieces of the period back as far as the first world war.

There were many genuine artifacts on site, including a special room displaying an old classroom along with the educational tools, books and equipment used in the days dating back a century and more.

I was also very interested in the many historical relics and military displays of the past wars such as World War I and World War II.

The building itself, which was built in 1899 and is registered on the National Register for Historical Sites, still stands as majestically and beautifully as it has for more than 100 years.

The city of Blairsville is known for its own rich history being the first county seat of Union County which was incorporated on Dec. 26, 1835. Blairsville was also part of the historical “Gold Rush” days and also has much memorabilia of that time period as well.

In addition to the historic courthouse, Blairsville is also known for the many festivals it holds each year including the Mimm’s Moonshine Festival, Meeks Craft Festival and even a Greenbean Festival among many others!

Also, they are an official Appalachian Trail county and home to beautiful Lake Nottely, Helton Creek Falls, and Butternut Creek Golf Course. They also hold a weekly Farmer’s Market and classic car cruise-in weekly throughout the summer months. Christmas time the city holds a number of family friendly Christmas events as well, which one can learn about by contacting their Chamber of Commerce at www.visitblairsville

The annual Moonshine Festival took place at the Mimm’s Distillery as well as the downtown square. On Saturday one could “Sip and Shop,” listen to live music, browse the many antique and craft shops, and tour the Mimm’s Distillery.

Friday evening one could shop at the Moonshine Market at Seasons Inn Plaza which sold an array of produce and antiques as well as flea market items. There was also live music at the historic courthouse, and one could even try their hand at some giant lawn games.

Grandaddy Mimm’s also sponsored several live bands including headliner Keith Anderson among many others as part of their “Parking Lot Party.” There were also many moonshine tastings to be sampled if one would like!
Sunday one could still browse the many craft vendors but they do not serve the Mimm’s moonshine or liquor on Sundays.

I would highly recommend if you were ever in that area to check out this quaint little town and make sure you visit the historical museum located in the local courthouse on the square. It will be definitely worth your time!